Disqualified From Being A Pastor

Recently, Sophia and I ran into a fairly wealthy businessman who turned out to have a strong religious judgmental spirit. After receiving our ministry, he started picking our ministering apart.

The Religious Spirit Explained

The following is a basic list of demonic behavior that you might find in somebody who has a religious spirit: Judgmental, merciless, self-righteous, critical, religiously prideful, legalistic, perfectionistic, divisive, unbelieving, doubtful, in doctrinal error.

The Sabbath Dilemma Solved

The Bible strongly warns us against going back under the Law by insisting on observing by requirement the special days given to the Jews and Israel.

Speaking In Tongues

Some do not believe in speaking in tongues, saying it was only a one time event for the believers at that time in the Bible. In other words, it conveniently doesn’t exist now a days anymore.

Dress Code

Some time ago on one of our foreign trips while I was dressed in my regular jeans and a t-shirt, a person condemningly admonished me saying, “The Bible says in Proverbs that you should dress decent for God.”

The New and Improved gospel

For some years now, many have tried to revamp the Gospel in an attempt to deceive and mislead the people of the world – including and especially the Christian believers – and have in many cases successfully done so, with three major modifications of sound doctrine


Many heretical churches and groups sound very Christian as they tell you that they believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. But upon further investigation, you often find that they add additional requirements for salvation…

Which Style Of Music Is From God?

The Devil can use any style of music to communicate his perversion. That is why we are instructed to test the spirit of the artist to see if it comes from God.

Biblical Fasting: Not What You Have Been Taught

If we fast, it should be to starve our flesh and thereby also our fleshly desires to make more room for God’s Spirit to work in our lives, ultimately leading to gaining a deeper fellowship with God.

There Is No Revival Coming

When the church talks and brags about the revivals that took place in recent history, these were no revivals at all! The so-called falling in the spirit, shaking, Holy Ghost laughter, seeking supernatural manifestations, worshiping angels, and so much more of the same nonsense is NOT revival!

Deliverance Ministry For Christians?

There is no deliverance ministry for Christians in the Bible. Nowhere in Scripture have we been commanded to deliver other believers from demons. Jesus Christ didn’t do it; the disciples didn’t do it! This is a major deception in the Christian Church.