Women who are Agents of Satan

Over the years of ministry, we have very often encountered the type of Jezebel women who are single, narcissistic, and who are coming to church meetings with one purpose in mind: to find a godly, anointed, prophetic man to marry!

Jezebel Versus the Godly Woman

Any woman who comes from a Jezebel upbringing – has had a mother with the Jezebel spirit – will have to deal with the generational curses that has been passed on to her. Becoming totally free from the effects of the Jezebel spirit is not an overnight thing, but a process that may take years.

Knowing Jezebel

The spirit of Jezebel brings about a tremendously powerful confusion that can make you doubt everything you stand for.

Recognizing the Jezebel Spirit

The “Jezebel-influence” is spread out all over this earth like a thick blanket of deceptive smoke. It is like a seeping toxic air that is designed to train our sub consciousness to act and think in patterns of rebellion to God and God’s order of things.

Committing Adultery with Jezebel

Those who are “infected” with the Jezebel Spirit are evil, and practice evil. Their character traits are well described and categorized in the secular world who classify these people as Narcissists or Psychopaths for whom there is no healing treatment or cure.

The End of Jezebel

We are always amazed to experience how strikingly similar the Jezebel spirit-possessed people are all over the world. They come in different size and shape, but they all have the same evil features, and all try the same old schemes.

My Question to God

Another trademark of those who are influenced by the spirit of Jezebel, is that they will never admit any wrongdoing, and therefore, they see no reason whatsoever to repent and receive correction.

The Enemy of Revival

Evan Roberts was in his mid-twenties as most of his leaders, when God started using him to lead the Welsh Revival.

The Evil Spirit of Ahab Put on Display

The Ahab Spirit brings with it the curse of serious problems in the family, relationships, health, and finances, and if not stopped, it will go from generation to generation.

Caught in a Bad Deal

Are you finding yourself, as a good Christian believer, constantly struggling in life, like nothing seems to pan out for you? No matter what or how hard you try, there is no real blessing coming in for you, or going out of you.

Answers to Men with Jezebel Wives

When you are married to a woman who has the Jezebel spirit, you are living in a constant state of power struggle and war.

The Qualifications for being a Jezebel in the Church

First of all, in order for you to have the evil spirit of Jezebel, you must be a woman! Why is this?