How to Recognize a Religious Sect

In this second article in the series of articles on sects and cults, I want to share what a religious sect is and how to know when you’ve bumped into one.

Incompetent Church Leaders

The apostle Paul is precisely the one who knew how it felt to be treated by people like these incompetent church leaders do – with a total lack of godly discernment.

The Profile of a Sect Leader

Having come out of a religious cultic family myself, and having written an autobiography about my life, I would love to share my experience of what exactly a sect leader is and how to recognize such a person.

Church Discipline

First of all, the reason we have church discipline is to help keep the church pure and help those who wanders away from God or backslide, come back to live in the truth.

What Kind of Church are You Going to?

This might be a good question. The church, or Body of Christ, today is split and fractured into literally countless denominations, fellowships, associations, and the like. Many of them will not allow fellowship with a brother or sister from another church or denomination.

When to Leave a Bad Church

When the leadership is unqualified and error is being taught, the Holy Spirit will not have His way and be able to be effective in the lives of the people.

Woman Pastor?

A couple of years ago, we wrote the study “Women In Ministry,” and now we felt led to compliment and clarify that teaching with this new study called “Woman Pastor?” which answers the specific question if women should assume the role of pastor…

Women in Ministry?

Over the years I have been asked the question many times whether women are allowed to teach in church or have a leadership position in church or ministry.

An Indictment Against The Church

The Church, or the Body of Christ if you will, is supposed to have the power through prayer to be able to change the spiritual condition of this nation, or any nation for that matter.