How-to-recognize-a-religious-sectHow To Recognize A Religious Sect

“And now I make one more appeal, my dear brothers and sisters. Watch out for people who cause divisions and upset people’s faith by teaching things contrary to what you have been taught. Stay away from them…



Incompetent-Church-LeadersIncompetent Church Leaders

First of all, we thank God for meeting some great men and women of God during our stay in the Scandinavian countries. But, we were also shocked to encounter many incompetent church leaders, who are absolutely clueless …



the-profile-of-a-sect-leaderThe Profile Of A Sect Leader

Having come out of a religious cultic family myself, and having written an autobiography about my life, I would love to share my experience of what exactly a sect leader is and how to recognize such a person.



We-dont-like-you-anymoreWe Don’t Like You Anymore

If you read our studies on our website, in several of the teachings, we refer to the Spirit of Jezebel. That is because we believe that this nasty evil spirit is out there to inflict major spiritual and emotional damage, especially to the believers who follow Jesus Christ.


What-Kind-Of-Church-Are-You-Going-ToWhat Kind Of Church Are You Going To?

This might be a good question. The church, or Body of Christ, today is split and fractured into literally countless denominations, fellowships, associations, and the like. Many of them will not allow fellowship with a brother or sister from another church or denomination. I know many of God’s people…


When-to-leave-a-bad-churchWhen To Leave A Bad Church

For some time, God allowed Sophia and I to attend a certain church even though we felt very uncomfortable with the way the church was conducting its spiritual affairs. This particular church went through several splits in the past and therefore considerably decreased in size.


Woman-PastorWoman Pastor?

A couple of years ago, we wrote the study “Women In Ministry,” and now we felt led to compliment and clarify that teaching with this new study called “Woman Pastor?” which answers the specific question if women should assume the role of pastor…


Women-in-ministryWomen In Ministry?

Over the years I have been asked the question many times whether women are allowed to teach in church or have a leadership position in church or ministry. Those who ask me this question usually ask because of the following scripture….