By Edwin Christiaan

Jesus said: “You didn’t choose Me. I chose you!” And: “For many are called, but few are chosen!” (John 15:16), (Matthew 22:14 NLT)

For God knew His people in advance, and He chose them to become like His Son!

Romans 8:29 NLT

And the Lord disciplines those He loves, and He corrects and punishes each one He accepts as His child! (See Hebrews 12:6)

In other words, because God has chosen you and accepted you as His child, He will make you become like His Son! Therefore, God uses the struggles of this life, like pain, stress, persecution, misunderstandings, and financial problems to shape your character, so you end up living right and looking like His Son, Jesus Christ!

For this reason Hebrews 12 verse 11 NLT says:

No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way!

Hebrews 12:11 NLT

As you endure this divine discipline, remember that God is treating you as His own children!

Hebrews 12:7 NLT

Copyright©2017 Edwin & Sophia Christiaan