Sound Doctrine Church Purpose Statement

By Sophia Christiaan | March 24, 2022

Sound Doctrine Church’s purpose is to identify deception to bring believers out of the religious church system of control, bondage, and abuse!

With the light of the Word of God, we find all the answers to live and walk in great clarity, victory, and truth.

We say NO to being pressured by church leaders to pay tithes (an Old Testament practice not for New Covenant Christians) and continuously sowing money into greedy ministries who distort the Word of God, using empty promises of health, wealth, and prosperity to fleece people.

We want to enlighten you to what the Word REALLY teaches, so you never feel guilt-tripped by the false obligations in the church system!

We pray you will follow our non-compromising stand against church tyranny, which is literally destroying people’s lives, and come out of the religious church system, like we have.

We pray that, through our ministry, people will stop being sleeping church-sheep, who continue to endorse and defend UNACCEPTABLE practices just because there are “still some good things” about the church.

Our passion is for you to discover the true Biblical standard; how church is supposed to function according to the First Church Model in the Book of Acts, chapters 2 and 4! We believe you will see how far the modern church has drifted from how it originally functioned.

Following Christ passionately, we encourage everyone to have a deep, personal love connection with Jesus for themselves, and not rely on others for spiritual food. We believe the Holy Spirit leads into all truth, and anyone who is born of the Spirit will hear His lead and follow Him.

If you clear away the deception, a new, wonderful life with Jesus will emerge!