Explaining Marriage, Divorce, And Remarriage

Marriage by itself is not always right. Divorce is not always wrong. Remarriage is not always a no-no. We are not rule-creatures under the New Covenant. We are true God-pleasers!

An Ode to My Wife

It is almost 4 years ago that I married my wife, Sophia. Wherever we go, people tell her that not only she is very beautiful, but that she looks like an angel. A prophetess once told me that God gave her to me as a reward for all the hurt I have been through.

Love Written – to Sophia

Your strength, great compassion, and dignity are all the result of your reverence to God. You are a great inspiration and encouragement to me. You greatly enrich my life!

Marriage and Divorce

God wants to shed his light on many of the misunderstandings when it comes to marriage and divorce, especially among Christians.

Glamorous Marriage

It is through forgiveness that we solve problems and differences. Use words like: “I understand how you feel. It was not my intention to hurt you. I am sorry. Forgive me. I love you.”

She is Your Wife

I am very humbled when I hear people say that the marriage relationship between Sophia and me radiate God’s love and peace. That is because of God’s Spirit, who encourages us daily to live and abide by His Word.

Marriage Helper

A difficult marriage can rob you of the peace and confidence God wants you to have. You will be struggling with a host of negative emotions, and circumstances that are far different from what you had hoped.

Wife Blog Series

Edwin writes a series of blogs dedicated to Sophia, sharing what the Bible says about wives and their husbands’ obligation to love them.