Recognizing The Jezebel Spirit

By Edwin & Sophia Christiaan

A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness.”
Ephesians 6:10-14 NLT

Once again, we are compelled to write about the destructive consequences of the evil Spirit of Jezebel that are simply too vast to ignore. The “Jezebel-influence” is spread out all over this earth like a thick blanket of deceptive smoke. It is like a seeping toxic air that is designed to train our sub consciousness to act and think in patterns of rebellion to God and God’s order of things. Previously, we have thought of the Jezebel Spirit merely as an evil spirit that takes habitat in humans, causing them to act in shrewd evil, demonic manipulation, control, dominance, and perverted sensuality and seduction. Yet, while all that being the truth, there is much more to this Spirit of evil. Let’s look at how big this thing really is…

Jezebel in Television
The Spirit of Jezebel is a dominating factor over the entire earth today. Jezebel hovers over the Television and Film Industry, causing most TV shows to portray a demonic, twisted, and perverted outlook on life. It cleverly teaches people to strive for material wealth, monetary success, and anything that has to do with instant gratification. It portrays the homosexuals as the ones who have it all together and who are setting the standard for heterosexual men to live up to. It dictates the rules for relationships and marriages by emphasizing and celebrating overbearing and controlling wives ruling over their weak, moronic husbands whose entire married life is pathetically forced to be one of submission to the wife.

TV-shows like “Everybody loves Raymond” and “King of Queens” are both prime examples of how the Jezebel Spirit is teaching how marriages should function, portraying the so-called “reality” of modern family life.

Although viewers find it entertaining to watch these shows because they see some of their own marriage and family issues in them, they are destructive because they communicate the empty and hopeless message that, “This is how it is, and how it’s going to be.” Through TV, film, and other media, the value system of Anti-Christ is being promoted, sugar coated in humor and entertainment.

Clearly, the writers and producers in Hollywood are fully responsible for their own actions, but even they are being used as pawns in Satan’s higher strategies which are to desensitize people and slow them down from pursuing God’s standards.

Jezebel in church
The Jezebel Spirit is found in the church. Spirits like jealously, controlling submit-to-me pastoring, greed, possessive leadership, erroneous doctrine, focus on outward appearance, and self-promoting ambition all derive from the Spirit of Jezebel.

Jezebel in Politics and Media
The Spirit of Jezebel manifests in politics through narcissistic leadership, officials who love power and choose to steer a nation away from God through immoral legislation. The media is full of corruption, greed, desire for power, hunger for approval and attention, lies and deception, overindulgence, and money-hunger.

Jezebel in Business
Jezebel is in the business world, causing honest people to compromise for the sake of “staying afloat,” get rich quick schemes, false promises, and false hopes along with so much more.

Jezebel in Marriage
One of the saddest things is the Jezebel Spirit’s influence in Christian and non-Christian marriages, and the lack of understanding and effective arrest of these issues when they appear. Sadly, many couples refrain from dealing with the manipulating actions that so clearly expose the Jezebel Spirit’s influence and stronghold in the marriage. The name “Jezebel” means “un-husbanded.” Our interpretation of this is that even if the woman possessed by the Jezebel Spirit is married, it will never be a marriage where she will acknowledge her God-given role in the marriage. She will have an attitude of wanting to be equal to the man in all matters — even try to prove to be a better leader than the husband.

One of the main purposes of this evil spirit of Jezebel is to have the wives in the marriage take over the spiritual headship from their husbands, teaching and controlling them, and in doing so, reversing God’s order for marriage. Unless the husband fights his wife for supremacy, he will ultimately end up assuming the second place in the marriage. Men who are forced into spiritual submission to their wives tend to be angry and passive-aggressive.

“But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” (1. Corinthians 11:3 NKJV)

May the following examples cause greater awareness of the matters we many times throw aside as minor issues, when they are actually growing stronger and more powerful for every day they are being tolerated.

A Jezebel Spirit in a person….
– Believes to be right. Wants to win. Will argue till you drop.

– Has a blame/guilt mindset: Everything comes down to who is right and who is wrong.

– Is unwilling to compromise on priorities: Everything has to go the way they have planned it.

– Is strongly defensive when approached for criticism and correction, even guidance. Will retaliate by spreading rumors and lies and try to discredit and destroy the reputation of those who confront them for their wrong-doings.

– Rejects good-willed help or empathy because of pride: “Don’t feel sorry for me. I can take care of myself.”

– Self-rejects: “You hate me,” “I am not good enough for you,” “What do you want with a fat cow like me?”, “Why don’t you marry somebody else?”

– Feels unappreciated: Is constantly fishing for approval, confirmation, understanding, and more interest in them. “You never …. anymore!”

– Uses attention seeking crocodile tears: “You don’t love me,” “Just leave me alone.”

– Is unable to receive: Is too proud to receive love and things from God. Feels humiliated in receiving, but likes to give gifts to others to boost their own self-esteem, as if saying: “I can afford expensive gifts,” or “Look what I am able to do with the success I have worked so hard for.” Doesn’t believe when they are told that they are loved. “It’s never enough”-mentality.

– Has own agenda: Forces their own life-vision and personal dreams of achievement onto the marriage without regards to the spouse.

– Distorts communication: Twists and turns matters into the obscure, and refuses to “kiss and make up,” leaving issues in an ongoing dispute.

– Uses control in relationships and ex-relationships: Doesn’t give closure to ex. Leaves matters unsettled. Uses children against spouse or ex. Holds back ex’s personal items, refusing to give them back. Ignores, or uses the “silent treatment” to instill guilt. Claims to be perfect and without fault – nothing to regret or repent from.

– Holds on to old experiences and people from the past. Insists on bringing family members and family traditions into the marriage.

– Justifies everything: Always has an excuse for their activities. Doesn’t ask other people’s opinions. Doesn’t seek Godly wisdom or exercise self-control. Talk too much. Is inappropriate. Is always busy persuading people and spouse of their standpoint and their good intentions and how wonderful they are. Accuses others of doing what they themselves are doing. Gets easily offended and has a “How dare you speak to me” –attitude.

– Thrives in rebellion and disobedience: Always does “extra” – cannot do with the simple. Doesn’t take advice, but is headstrong on their own ideas. Doesn’t take correction, but continues justifying their cause. Doesn’t heed to the authority they are under, whether God Himself, spouse, pastor, parent, or other but always chooses to be defiant and rebellious against it. Doesn’t like to admit fault or failure because their entire identity is built on “never failing.” Resists every flow of peace and order.

– Doesn’t have peace. Causes problems instead of avoiding problems. Is confrontational. Is conflict-oriented. Is moody and unpredictable. Often has compulsive control disorders. Is negative and disapproving. Spreads confusion and misunderstandings. Cause division and isolation.

Struggling walk
I have seen many Christians who seem to be born-again, Spirit-filled, intelligent individuals who, despite their salvation and public recognition of Christ, still seem to always be going against the grain. Everything they do seems to be a struggle and a walk of great physical and spiritual labor, as they proclaim to do business for God. It seems everything they do is being resisted, and they are always on the verge of some deep hole of despair and depression, and always dramatically fighting “powerful” spiritual warfare against the devil. They seem to be drawn to Christian teachers who are “a little bit off,” which causes damage and confusion in their Christian walk. They feel like their prayers are not heard. Their faith is diminishing. They start businesses and projects, but things fail, and they blame it on people and circumstances, not owning the reality of their choices to the fullest. They are in opposition to their spouses. They don’t submit to anything, and yet they believe they should have it all – all of God’s blessings and prosperity. They get one wonderful advice after the other from their Christian brother’s and sister’s, never actually following any of them.

As we look at these signs of the Spirit of Jezebel in our everyday life, we must remember that most people have several of the tendencies mentioned above. Much of it is simply “flesh.” Having some of these character flaws doesn’t automatically mean we are “Jezebel’s” – but it indicates that something is wrong, and the answer could lie in the rebuking of the Spirit of Jezebel, and in repentance of the use of manipulation to fulfill our own selfish purposes. Many who practice this see victory over these Jezebel strongholds.

It is our desire that we not use this knowledge to accuse or corner each other, but to always pray for direction and God’s wisdom in dealing with the people in our lives who are bound by the issues related to the Spirit of Jezebel.

Copyright©2011 Edwin & Sophia Christiaan