Do I Have to Tithe?

“Tithing” means giving 10% of your income to the church, and “offerings” is commonly known as giving to a mission project, guest speaker, or for instance, another ministry or person.

The Tithe Debate is Heating Up

Even though we have addressed this issue of tithing on several occasions on this website, we want to give an even deeper explanation of the above passage in the book of Malachi.

God is Sounding the Alarm Bell!

Nowhere in the New Testament of the Bible does it teach followers of Jesus Christ to tithe! Jesus did not teach the disciples to tithe, and the disciples did not teach anybody to tithe.

Massive Tithing Fraud

Edwin Christiaan teaches on the link between the tithing scam in the Church and the fraud we see in the world politics.

Watch the video here!

Questions You Should Answer About Tithing

We are to give according to how the Apostle Paul instructed the believers in the New Testament, under the New Covenant of GRACE. Under GRACE, there are no other laws than to love the Lord and love one another. This love perfectly fulfills all the commandments of the old system.

Tithing Is Not Money

There were 3 people or groups of people in the Bible who tithed. All these people had money – and some lots of it – and yet they did not tithe one cent of it!