Selling The Word Of God

I remember when I came to the USA in the late nineties, I went to see a certain famous preacher. He was heavily promoting his new book from the pulpit, saying that the book contains a very important breakthrough revelation teaching from God – especially in the financial area.

Stop The Madness

With the way the economy is right now with many churches and ministries in serious financial trouble, we see more and more of the continuous madness of televangelists, preachers, pastors, and ministers begging and pressuring viewers and congregants to give them money.

They Preach Just to Make Money

There are many Christians, especially the young upcoming ministers, who like the idea of following the example of preaching the Gospel to become rich, like the well known prosperity preachers, who seem to have it all; money, big houses, and fancy cars.

The Begging Preacher

You’ve heard them begging: “PLEASE! Send us more money, or God will kill us if we do not continue this wonderful ministry! Please, send us $50 a month, so that God can bless you! Please, send us $1000 right now, as a love gift.

The “Great Wealth Transfer”???

Some time ago, someone told me that there is a Great Wealth Transfer, or as some people are calling it, the End Time Wealth Transfer, coming for the body of Christ. Simply put, it means that the Church/Christians will become rich.

The Prosperity Trap

These preachers take advantage of desperate people’s need for God’s resolution in their lives, telling them to keep giving, and even to put their gift on their credit card.