By Sophia Christiaan, February 7, 2021

The practice of tithing in the New Covenant Church is a SCAM! Pastors and preachers WILLFULLY fleece and deceive you, because it is too convenient for them not to take advantage of your feelings of obligation to tithe!


Because we are no longer UNDER THE LAW OF MOSES, we don’t have a temple, and we don’t practice worship like they did in Israel!Because they change the tithe from crops, herbs, wine, olive oil, and animals etc. to CASH MONEY!Because they shamefully OVER-SIMPLIFY the act of tithing described in several old testament scriptures like Numbers 18 and Deuteronomy 14.Because Malachi 3 was directed at the people and priests of Israel, not you!Because Abraham gave a tithe to Melchisedek ONE TIME from the SPOILS of war, not consistently from his income.Because the Levites serving with the priests in the Temple of the Lord were given free food by the people, because they had no land and no other occupation than serving in the house of the Lord.Because we don’t keep storehouses [...]