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Nowhere in the Bible does it say, that we are supposed to “dream big” for God and demand of Him to use us big league in the area of leading others. Why? Because those God has chosen to be His children, He works in them, giving them the desire and the power to do WHAT PLEASES HIM! (See Philippians 2:13)
Yes! God works in His children, transforming them by changing the way they think and in doing so, they learn to know His will, which is good and pleasing and perfect! (See Romans 12:2)
God’s children then become like His Son, Jesus Christ, who did not come to this earth to be served, but to serve others! (See Romans 8:29, Matthews 20:28)
As Jesus taught His disciples: “Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.” Mark 9:35 NLT
And, “Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant!” Mark 10:43 NLT

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The Bible says that when a great wave of persecution began sweeping over the first church, many of the believers were dragged out of their homes and thrown into prison and others were scattered throughout the regions. But despite the persecution, they continued to preach the Good News about Jesus Christ wherever they went! (See Acts 8:1-4)
That tells me, that these Christians were the real deal, and not those Jesus referred to as ‘those who hear the Gospel and immediately receive it with joy, but then fall away as soon as they have problems or are persecuted for believing God’s word!’ (See Mark 4:16-17)

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The church is full of people who long to be rich. The prosperity preachers tell them that Jesus was rich while here on earth, and that God wants nothing more than to lavish His children with an abundance of material blessings! These preachers falsely teach that in order for you to get rich, you must tithe and sow large money seeds to them.

But what you see happening, is that the people despite of giving all their money, are not getting rich! Instead, as the Bible says, they fall into the temptation of gambling their money away, getting into debt and because of it, they are now being trapped by this foolish and harmful desire of getting rich, that plunge them into financial ruin and destruction (see 1. Timothy 6:9-10).

Jesus Christ was not rich while He was living on this earth! During His public ministry, Jesus and His disciples depended entirely on the hospitality of others as they ministered from town to town. He told His disciples:
“Don’t take any money in your money belts—no gold, silver, or even copper [...]

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