By Sophia Christiaan

The fruit of the Spirit called humility is not something that comes automatically. Sometimes you have to fight for it. Sometimes you have to fight for becoming the person that you need to become. It takes years of effort. It takes dedicated effort. It takes hard work to turn away from the familiar spirits under which you grew up. How can you expect to automatically be wise, gentle, or a good communicator if you didn’t see those things modeled for you growing up? If you have no example, how would you know what to do? If all you’ve ever known is the conflict, the deception, and the manipulative ways that come with the Jezebel spirit, how do you expect to know how to do the opposite? How to behave, how to act?

Under the Law of Moses, the Old Covenant, the people of Israel had no choice but to fear God if they wanted to keep their lives, because obeying God was the way God knew if they loved him or not. Nowadays, we need to be motivated [...]