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An Important Teaching!

Does it mean that God no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or destitute, or in danger, or threatened with death? No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loves us! We should never forget the encouraging words God spoke to us as His children. He said, “My child, don’t make light of the Lord’s discipline,and don’t give up when He corrects you. For the Lord disciplines those He loves, and He punishes each one He accepts as His child.” That’s why we should not give in under the disciplinary pressure by blaming God, saying evil things like; God doesn’t love me, He is only trying to trip me up and destroy me. Instead, when troubles come our way, we need to consider it as an opportunity for great joy. Because when our faith is tested, our endurance has a chance to grow. We need to let it grow, for when our endurance is fully developed, we will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. God’s discipline is always [...]

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Every born-again Christian believer should have a testimony that goes like this:

For once I was full of darkness, far away from God! I was his enemy, separated from him by my evil thoughts and actions. I used to live in sin, just like the rest of the world, obeying the devil—the commander of the powers in the unseen world. The devil is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God. I used to live that way, following the passionate desires and inclinations of my sinful nature. I lived in this world without God, lost and without hope. But now I have been made right with God by repenting and calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. Yes, I once was far away from God, but now I have been brought near to Him through the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. God has reconciled me to Himself through the death of Christ in His physical body. Once I was dead because of my disobedience and my many sins. But even though I was dead because of [...]

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