If president Obama, who endorses the legalization of gay marriage and abortion, is not the one to vote for as a Christian believer, who is then the alternative choice? Does my vote automatically go to his opponent Mitt Romney, who is from the Mormon faith, but who is against same sex marriage, aborting babies, and greatly supports Israel as a nation that is given by God?

Over the past two weeks, both presidential candidates’ parties held their conventions, starting with Mitt Romney’s Republican Party, who were in Tampa, Florida, and had to cancel their first day of convention, because of the treat of a hurricane called Isaac. My first thought was, was this hurricane a sign of God, who wanted get our attention to tell us something? Was God saying that Mitt Romney is His promised son Isaac, who would replace his illegitimate brother Ishmael or Obama as the new president of the United States of America?

Then, there was Obama’s Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they openly took a vote among the people on whether God and [...]