This is also the name of a Christian metal band who recently released a great new album called Leveler.

The month of August has burned red from happenings like:

A lake that inexplicably turned red in Texas, and a huge mysterious bubble cloud hovering over Beijing, China; an unusual 5.8 earthquake, and a destructive hurricane on the east coast hitting, among other places, Washington DC and New York City; an economy that is in a total freefall, as it continues to destroy the lives of countless households; Libya’s murderous dictator, Qaddafi, finally being ousted; Zachery Tims, a well known controversial pastor of a mega church in Florida that was found dead in a New York City hotel with a bag of a white substance in his pocket; and Christian governor Rick Perry from the State of Texas officially running for president of the United States.

God is, in these last days, doing everything to bring sinners to salvation and back-sliders to repent and come back to Him by speaking and reaching out to them through a variety of happenings like signs in [...]