For everything that is hidden or secret will eventually be brought to light and made plain to all. Luke 8:17 NLT

You are a bishop, well known in the public eye for preaching the Gospel on your own television station on a daily basis and yet, at the same time you have an extra-marital sexual relationship for seven years with a woman working as an executive for you. For all these years you have managed to keep this affair secret, and even when you confessed it to your wife, who found out and decided to stay with you, you still did not disclose your infidelity to the outside world.

Understandably, you did not want to have the reputation of your television station ministry being damaged by letting the outside world know that you were living a double life while preaching and teaching the word of God to them, calling the whole ordeal a “private matter.”

All this was well hidden from the audience, until one day, a Christian lady who used to work for your television station threatens to sue you and [...]