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Roman Catholicism Produces Jezebels

The majority of the population of the Island of Curaçao calls themselves Roman Catholics, which also was the religion of my upbringing, mostly from my mother’s side. She had very strong ties and influence in the leadership of the Catholic Church. I was always puzzled by my mother’s acquaintances, who were mostly dominating women with strong convictions and beliefs in the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings. No matter how hard I tried to convince them that these teachings were absolutely unbiblical, for instance that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the “Queen of Heaven” who ascended to heaven, and that she is another mediator between God and man, causing the people to worship her and her image (which you can see as statues and ornaments all over Curaçao and other Latin and South American countries).

But the Bible clearly says that:

For there is only one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and people. He is the man Christ Jesus. 1. Timothy 2:5 NLT

And it is Jesus Christ who is the ONLY Savior and Redeemer:

For Jesus is the one referred [...]

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Did God Make A Mistake?

This week Sophia and I, despite our busy ministry schedule, had the chance to watch a very lively debate on the subject of same-sex marriage on national television. There were two panels; one side that believes that gay couples should have the right to get legally married (and call it ‘marriage’) and the other side who is against such proposition. Also the audience was divided in two sections, the left side was against homosexual marriage and the right side was for it.

It was surreal to see that at one point, a gay man in the audience who had a question for one of the panel members, stood up and referred to his partner as “my husband.”  Another man told the panel that he couldn’t help being born gay and that he should be loved by God and people, as he himself claimed to love God. He also said that he and his partner are living very happily together. Then there was a lady who said that she has been raised by two fantastic gay men. I can imagine that [...]

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