I (Edwin) felt God imposing on my heart to share the following with you concerning the latest news about Todd Bentley, leader of the Lakeland outpouring in Florida who filed for separation from his wife. According to his board, he had an emotional affair with one of his female staff members and as a result stepped down from the ministry. Many have been devastated, disillusioned, and confused by this occurrence and are now wondering whether this revival move was really from God. Some are asking the question: How can it be that Todd Bentley has been endorsed and prophesied over by the so called established national spiritual leadership and that now it had to end like this? Didn’t these leaders have any discernment concerning Todd Bentley’s private life and some of his apparent questionable teachings and practices?

At the same time, many testifies worldwide about how they have been healed, touched, and fired up by God through the Lakeland revival. So, how can this all be, Todd Bentley living in sin and yet at the same time being used mightily [...]