April 21, 2022

So many people experience abuse at the hand of the church, yet they keep regarding it as God’s house. Because of mind control phrases such as “Don’t touch God’s anointed,” “Don’t forsake the assembly of the brethren,” and “You are robbing God if you fail to bring your tithes to the storehouse,” believers are left paralyzed to act. They can’t leave the church! There is literally no way out! And if you do leave the toxic environment of church, you will quickly be labeled as “backslidden,” “lukewarm,” “fallen from grace” or the like from your ex-fellow churchgoers.

The lack of care and love in the church is apparent. People get sexually and emotionally abused, and leaders are biased and accusations get swept under the rug to protect themselves. False assumptions are made, accusations are made, people are being judged, people are treated like second-hand citizens, priorities are made based on money, and the list goes on.

The church environment today is lightyears away from how the First Church in the Book of Acts lived together in a spirit of “Caring and Sharing.” They even attracted unbelievers looking in because of the love they had for one another. Not love as in hugs, but as in love “actions” that led to everyone having their needs met. The Bible says that because they provided for one another, “No one had lack”! That is a powerful church.

We are passionate for those who have seen the falsehoods of the church, to come out of it, and never go back to the abusive and toxic environment. And for those who have not been abused, please still consider the massive amount of false doctrines you are sitting under. Don’t excuse it or make light of it. The Prosperity Gospel is evil. Teaching Old Testament law is evil. Entertaining Jezebel is evil.

This is not a message you will find many places, if any. But we are here to speak the truth, and attempt to cure people of any guilt they might have in separating themselves from the church today, which is not God’s House at all!