April 25, 2022

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Because of the toxic environment of what is called the Christian Church today, with its vast variety of false doctrines, people are promised a lot of good things. They are told how God wants to bless them, how they can speak out their desires, and even how to claim and demand good things to come into their lives. However, when these “breakthroughs” don’t happen, because they never do, people begin chasing every last little bit of encouragement they can get before their hope runs out and turns into bitterness.

If Edwin and I were to believe all the prophesies and promises we have heard in our many years of ministry in the church, we would be millionaires by now, used “mightily” for the Lord, leading major revivals, seeing nations completely changed, being used for God’s Kingdom in unimaginable ways, family restored, and so on.

Because we all like to hear how God has a plan and purpose for our lives, we entertain the possibility of these things actually happening. And we keep entertaining them year in year out, and nothing happens. Eventually, because no one wants to completely give up on these “promises,” people end up chasing confirmations that will spark a sense of hope inside. And, seeking confirmations, you will find it; a little word here, or a prophecy there, saying the same thing. And whoopty, hope is restored for another week or two.

Jesus Christ Himself, hope in Him, faith in Him, will never disappoint. But the hope should not focus on us and what we can get, and what we can become, but rather, the hope we should nurture within, is the sure knowledge that we will one day be with Him forever. Our hope is in salvation and eternal life, not riches or fame or the sense of importance or personal fulfillment. In the church, instead of encouraging you in the joy of the true hope we have in Christ, they lead you astray with high-sounding nonsense and teach the doctrine of demons!

Do not let it be you that is swept away, just because you think you can trust the organized institution of church. These churches are not God’s House!