April 26, 2022

Keith Green sang, “The World is sleeping in the dark, that the church just can’t fight, because it’s asleep in the light.” How true are those words! Jesus said, “Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness.” (Luke 11:35).

If Christians have all the answers, how come they are not having an effective impact on society and the world? How come they need to resort to charlatanry, false prophesies, wrong doctrines, motivational messages, dreams, and illusions to make them feel better? If they are so on the right track, how come so many believers live in bondage, lack, mental torment, striving, guilt, greed, pain, ignorance, and depression? Where are the born-again believers who walk in great humility and strength of character?

As the church desperately seeks ways to get financial breakthroughs for themselves, the First Church (described in Acts chapters 2 and 4) took care of each other. They shared what they had, and “no one had lack.” True power is not in money, fame, and influence, but it is found in the humble, loving acts of “Caring and Sharing.” Unbelievers were constantly added to the church because they saw “love in action.”

If we think we have the light, let us make sure that light is not actually darkness!