By Sophia Christiaan, November 24, 2020

Ahab men are driven by guilt, not conviction.

Many times, an Ahab man will not act on something he should be doing until guilt finally drives him to. He doesn’t have a godly mindset that encourages him from within to seek to do God’s will. He is not led by Holy Spirit conviction and leading that tells him what to do. He waits for people to tell him what to do. He waits until some guilty feeling finally makes him give in.

That’s why he needs his Jezebel mate. She is there to tell him what to do and when to do it. Unless she tells him, he simply doesn’t do it. Unless she nags him, he simply feels no need. He doesn’t have a conscience leading him to take proactive steps of high moral and godly standards for himself and his family. Instead, he lives in his own little world – in a state of constant selfishness – catering to his own pleasures and desires, refusing to take a leader role in the home.

Naturally, this annoys Jezebel to no end. But should he try to become a man that takes charge, she would never let him lead anyway. She would criticize and belittle everything he does, making him look like he is so wrong about everything. So, it’s just another day in the dysfunctional, toxic, so-called relationship of an Ahab man with his Jezebel wife.

They deserve each other.