By Edwin Christiaan

As promised, today we are starting a new series called, “Tell it like it is!” Here, we will address many of the seriously dysfunctional demonic issues we have experienced and seen in churches for the last 14 years of our traveling ministry.

We write about these experiences to warn about those who want to lead you astray, so you can get away from their deception and instead be led into the true freedom that comes from Jesus Christ. 

It is like one of the apostles said, 

“I am writing these things to warn you about those who want to lead you astray.”‭

1. John‬ ‭2:26‬ ‭NLT‬‬

So, here is the very first episode of “Tell it like it is” entitled, “Revival of Delusion.”


Over the years, we have encountered numerous pastors who promise their often small group of followers, that revival will begin with their church and spread out from there throughout the city, nation, or even the world. 

These preachers brag about how God has called them to lead multitudes of people to salvation and healing, and that this can happen again with them, if they just press in enough and work hard to “create an atmosphere” for revival. They always have stories of how many revivals they have led and how many miracles they have performed in the past. Week after week, year in, year out, they preach to their church members that God is “about to” pour out His spirit upon them. And yet, nothing happens! 

In their meetings, they keep on praying for the same people over and over again for a touch of God and for all sorts of breakthroughs, with no results. They also keep telling them that for revival to happen, they must continue to pray, fast, and worship God increasingly more. They themselves like to brag about the many hours they spend with God in prayer and study. 

These preachers like to keep tabs on their people to observe whether they really worship and pay full attention to their message. To the untrained eye, these preachers may come across very sincere and powerful at first, but in reality, they’re nothing but delusional, narcissistic cult leaders, who whips up false hope among the people, but only care about their own image and reputation. They use the flock as guinea pigs, and entrap them as an audience to their own need for attention. What they aim for is to become the one who, against all odds, prophesied and ushered in an undeniable move of God, and who will be paid homage to in the end. 

In their minds, they are the ones who have the answers that all the other churches don’t have, so they isolate the people in their sense of superiority. The flock is left in a constant panting for the carrot hung before them; that revival will one day come and change everybody’s lives. But revival never comes, so these preachers must keep reinventing the message to fit. 

In these churches, everybody’s lives are basically on hold, as they firmly anticipate and expect a mighty move of God that is going to finally give them an “exciting” life compared to the non-eventful, dry, and poverty stricken lifestyle they live now. How sad!

It is like what the apostle Paul once said about these false preachers he called “super apostles,” that they enslave the people, take advantage of them, and control them. (See 2. Corinthians 11:1-20.)