Be careful who you listen to when it comes to the Jezebel Spirit. Some people speak without proper understanding and anointing. A good example: Yesterday, someone sent me a video of a well-known American pastor preaching that Elijah was so overcome by a spiritual attack from Jezebel that even though God tried to reach him in the earthquake, the fire, and lastly the still small voice, God ultimately had to take him home because he forfeited his place of authority with God and had to be replaced!

This is just a complete misconception of what happened. Elijah was only temporarily overcome by depression, but he completely recovered, and 1. Kings 21 describes how God sent him back to confront Ahab for the death of Naboth and to pronounce judgment over Jezebel! Indeed, God also continued to give Elijah missions, and in verse 28, we see God conversing with Elijah. When God took Elijah up to heaven, it wasn’t because Elijah was so useless, like this preacher claimed, but a display of God’s power and miraculous doing.

As a matter of fact, Elijah’s legacy was so powerful that his successor, Elisha, got a double portion of the anointing that he had. This is the dream of any man; that those who follow will become mightier than themselves. It was an honor, not a disgrace!

Furthermore, if Elijah was so defeated that God had to take him, why did he and Moses appear at the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain with Peter, James and John (see Matthew 17:1-8)? And why is God going to send the very same prophet back to earth to preach powerfully during the Tribulation as one of the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem? (Note: The Two Witnesses are believed to be Moses and Elijah.) That doesn’t make much sense!

Please understand that the prophet Elijah may have lost heart at one point during his life, but he took courage and fully completed all his duties on earth powerfully and successfully!