The modern Christian Church has made the church a marketplace where it charges you MONEY to be taught God’s Word through their bible schools, seminars and conferences. You must pay a non-refundable fee before a certain deadline, and then the rest of the course and material fees have to be paid in full before the classes start. Participating in these schools can cost you thousands of dollars! And on top of that, you are required to pay your tithes, 10% of your monetary income.

The Church also sell all sorts of Christian merchandise like books, CD’s, and DVD’s with Bible teachings, studies and revelations, among other things, justifying it as ways to provide for the ministry. The Church even charges for food and beverages.

Whether they are Evangelicals, Pentecostals or Charismatics, they all do it!

And yet, the Bible never said that Jesus Christ nor His disciples ever charged anybody for their teachings! As matter of fact, Jesus taught, “Freely you have received, freely give” Matthew 10:8 NKJV

Pastors and spiritual leaders are supposed to be an example of trusting in God for their provision and believe that God takes care of His Church!They should have faith in God for whatever money would come in through love offerings, gifts, or any other means that God could use, and not charge you all sorts of fees to teach you the Word of God – that they themselves have received for free! Therefore, they cannot tell you to trust in God for your financial miracle provision, when they themselves do not trust God, but beg and pressure you to give them more and more money. Like the apostles in the first Christian Church in the Bible book of Acts did, they set the example for others by trusting God to be able to help the poor and the needy with the money they received from the congregants.

The Bible teaches that, “Elders who do their work well should be respected and paid well, especially those who work hard at both preaching and teaching.”1. Timothy 5:17. NLT

But it doesn’t say how much you must give! Why? Because the same apostle Paul, who is writing this, says:

“Give in proportion to what you have.  Whatever you give is acceptable if you give it eagerly. And give according to what you have, not what you don’t have.  Of course, I don’t mean your giving should make life easy for others and hard for yourselves. I only mean that there should be some equality. Right now you have plenty and can help those who are in need. Later, they will have plenty and can share with you when you need it. In this way, things will be equal.” 2. Corinthians 8:11-14 NLT


“You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure.” 2. Corinthians 9:7 NLT

Therefore, I urge you to never pay for God’s Word! Do not pay when they charge you for Bible schools, seminars or conferences to hear and receive from God’s Word! Do not pay when they charge you to be taught God’s Word online! Do not pay when they charge you for prophecies or prayers! Do not pay when they charge you for a promise of a miracle! Do not pay when they obligate you to tithe 10% of your income! Do not pay when they tell you that you have to buy their books, DVD’s, or CD’s in order to receive God’s blessings and steps to breakthroughs! NEVER PAY FOR GOD’S WORD!!! EVER!!!

I encourage you to go to a church that doesn’t charge for God’s Word in any form, and that teaches sound Biblical doctrine that causes you to be led close to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!