Quite often when I hear of prophets and pastors calling for a fast, they give the people a range of fasting options, like the total abstention from food and drink (except water) or what is often called “the Daniel fast.” The Daniel fast is usually defined as eating only vegetables and drinking liquids.

The basis for the Daniel fast is found in the Old Testament Bible book of Daniel, chapter 1, verses 8-16.

Daniel was among the captives taken from Jerusalem to Babylon. The king of Babylon, Belshazzar, had Daniel and three other young men from the tribe of Judah put into a three-year training program so that they might serve in the king’s court.  As part of the program, the king provided the initiates with his edible delicacies, including his wine. Daniel objected to eating and drinking these things because these foods were ritually unclean according to Jewish dietary laws. Instead of eating and drinking the king’s ritually unclean delicacies, Daniel chose to limit his diet to vegetables and water.

Daniel was able to persuade the king’s attendant to provide him with his special diet for ten days (which was against their customs) to determine whether it would, in fact, affect Daniel’s appearance.  After the ten days had expired, Daniel’s appearance was healthier than the initiates who ate the king’s delicacies! As a result, the attendant allowed Daniel to continue his diet of vegetables and water.

Daniel’s abstention from the king’s meat and wine was morally motivated, not spiritually motivated! He was not abstaining for reasons of spiritual growth, but because participation would have been immoral according to the Law of Moses. That’s it! Besides, where does it say that it was even a “fast”??? Daniels wasn’t fasting! He had a change of diet!

As we can see, this notion of a “Daniel fast” is just another fabricated ridiculous lie in the church! The Bible doesn’t advocate observing a “Daniel fast” anywhere.