There is a false teaching circulating around this time of year, saying that Christians are supposed to celebrate the holiday feast of Hanukkah, remembering and celebrating God’s miracles.

Hanukkah, or the Festival of Dedication, was a yearly event celebrating the dedication of the Temple after Antiochus IV Epiphanes defiled it in 167 BC. The revolt under the leadership of Judas Maccabeus was the most recent deliverance in the history of the Jews. Hanukkah was not one of the feasts God commanded the Jews to celebrate, but it was popular among the people.

The Bible Scripture used to support that Jesus so-called celebrated Hanukkah, comes from John chapter 10 verses 22 and 23, where it says:

“It was now winter, and Jesus was in Jerusalem at the time of Hanukkah, the Festival of Dedication. He was in the Temple, walking through the section known as Solomon’s Colonnade.” John 10:22-23 NLT

Jesus was not there to celebrate Hanukkah, but was walking around! Jesus was at the Temple for a time debating with the Pharisees, and then He left! (See John 10:24-38)

Therefore, to think that Jesus celebrated Hanukkah can absolutely not be proven scripturally!

And besides this, the Scriptures do say: “Don’t let anyone condemn you for what you eat or drink, or for NOT celebrating certain holy days or new moon ceremonies or Sabbaths.” Colossians 2:16 NLT