The apostle Paul taught that if a man thinks he is treating his fiancée improperly by giving in to his passion and having sex with her, he should marry her as he wishes. It is not a sin. In other words, if they can’t control themselves, they should go ahead and marry. Because it’s better to marry than to burn with lust! Otherwise it becomes a sin to have sex without being married! (See 1. Corinthians 7:9, 36-38)

But marriage must never become a distraction to one’s spiritual walk. You always need to be with someone who encourages you spiritually, and not someone who will distract you and pull you away from God!

Because, how can a believer be a partner with an unbeliever? What harmony can there be between Christ and the devil? How can light live with darkness? How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness?   Therefore, you should never team up with and marry someone who is an unbeliever!!! (See 2. Corinthians 6:14-16)

By Edwin Christiaan