Jesus said about the wicked woman named Jezebel from the Thyatira Church that He gave her time to repent, but she does not want to turn away from her immorality! (See Revelation 2:21)

Why? How can He say that? Because women, who have the Jezebel Spirit, are narcissistic people, who are not able or willing to admit any wrongdoing! In their mind, they are never wrong and therefore they will never repent! You can pray for such people till the cows come home, it ain’t gonna happen! She will not! Just as Jesus said it, “She DOES NOT WANT to turn away from her immorality!” Revelation 2:21 NLT  

Instead, she will rebelliously continue in her immoral ways, pretending to be a so-called super spiritual Christian, all the while usurping the authority of men, disrespecting, controlling, and emasculating them. She is lying and causing division, and leading the believers away from a relationship with Christ into one that worships her, as she cleverly uses false teachings and prophecies to entice them!

In other words: Once a Jezebel, always a Jezebel!

We have to remember, that God always gives all people time to repent, and that includes people like Jezebel too, even though He already knows they will not turn from their evil ways! God, who is a righteous God, does it this way for the record, so when the books are opened on judgment day, no one will be able to say, “I never got a chance!” (See Revelation 20:12)

That is why it says, “Even though God has the right to show His anger and His power, He is very patient with those on whom His anger falls, who are destined for destruction!” (Romans 9:22 NLT)

By Edwin Christiaan