By Edwin Christiaan

Even though people are sinning more and more, My wonderful grace will become even more, and more abundant in 2016, says the Lord! I will ignite waves of revival fire throughout the nations where multitudes will have their filthiness because of sin washed away! I will give them new hearts and put a new spirit, My spirit in them. I will put this great harvest of souls on display for all to see and know that I am the only true God that saves and sets free, says the Lord Jesus Christ!

Concerning the United States of America the Lord says: “She will have a responsive heart toward Me and I will cleanse her from her idolatry and give her a ruler of My choice. Then I will bring an end to the famines on the land and the scoffing of other nations!”

As far as His people, the Lord has the following to say: “I Myself will search and find My sheep who have been scattered. I will rescue them from all the places where they suffer greatly at the hands of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. I will feed them and give them all what I am! Yes, I Myself will tend My sheep, I will bandage their injuries and strengthen them and I will cause them to flourish!”