God did not choose a loudmouthed, self-centered, complaining, manipulative and controlling woman to bear His Son Jesus Christ, but instead He favored Mary, a humble, submissive woman who was willing to do whatever God asked of her.

She had to travel while pregnant, and when there was no hotel available she was willing to allow her baby Jesus to be born in a barn without complaining and blaming her husband for not taking better care of her. (See Luke 2:1-7)

When an angel of the Lord appeared to her husband Joseph, a good man, (See Matthew 1:19) in a dream and told him to get up and flee to Egypt and stay there till King Herod who was searching to kill baby Jesus died, Mary obediently and humbly followed her husbands’ leading, and left her country and family. (See Matthew 2:13-23)

With Joseph and Mary, God set the example of what a godly marriage is supposed to look like!

By Edwin Christiaan