Last night, I had a frightening dream. In my dream, I was standing on a city square minding my own business when I suddenly heard a commotion. I looked and saw a multitude of people, men and women alike angrily walking toward someone looking like Jesus, almost like ganging up on him. They were very upset with him, complaining, shouting profanities, and blaming him for not giving them what they wanted! Some were screaming at him, “You never gave Me a husband!” and others, “Where is the money you promised?” and, “It’s your fault we lost everything!”

When I took a closer look at the person I thought was Jesus, I was puzzled because he looked sick, very skinny, like he hadn’t eaten for many days, his clothing were ripped and dirty. He looked much like the homeless people I used to minister to.

Then I heard the voice of Jesus telling me, “This is the way these bitter and angry people see Me. They don’t love Me! They are the so-called Christians who never fed Me or gave Me something to drink. They never took Me into their homes. They never clothed Me, and never visited Me when I was sick or in prison.” (See Matthew 25:42-43)

These so-called believers are bitterly jealous and want what others have. They have selfish desires and ambition in their hearts and they cover up the truth with boasting and lying. (See James 3:14 + 4:2) They act all religious, but they always reject My healing power who could change them and make them godly! (See 1. Timothy 3:5)

They blame Me, saying that I have tempted them to do wrong. (See James 1:13) These so-called Christians failed to receive My grace, because they have a poisonous root of bitterness in them that grew up, corrupting many around them! (See Hebrews 12:15-17)

But on Judgment Day I will reply to them, “Get away from Me! I never knew you!”” (See Matthew 7:23)