Religious sect leaders and preachers are hypocrites, just like the teachers of religious law and Pharisees whom Jesus warns us against. They cross land and sea to make one convert, and then they turn that person into twice the child of hell they themselves are! (See Matthew 23:15)

They are also the kind who work their way into people’s homes and win the confidence of vulnerable women who are burdened with the guilt of sin and controlled by various desires. Such women are forever following new teachings, but they are never able to understand the truth. (See 2. Timothy 3:6-7)

“They lure unstable people into sin, and they are well trained in greed.” 2. Peter 2:14 NLT

They love to brag about themselves with empty, foolish boasting. (See 2. Peter 2:18)

“When these people eat with you in your fellowship meals commemorating the Lord’s love, they are like dangerous reefs that can shipwreck you. They are like shameless shepherds who care only for themselves.” Jude 1:12 NLT  

“They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.” 2. Timothy 3:13 NLT

They must be silenced, because they are turning whole families away from the truth by their false teaching. And they do it only for power and money. (See Titus 1:11)

Watch out for them! They will act all religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!!! (See 2. Timothy 3:5)