The problem with so many churches is that the pastor, elder, or bishop does not have the gift and calling of a shepherd, and therefore he is not able to lovingly care for and feed the flock assigned to him in the appropriate way, leading them by his own good example, which is; watching over them willingly, without controlling them, but instead serving them with all humility and not for what he can get out of it, but because he is eager to serve God! (See Acts 20:28 & 1. Peter 5:2-5) A true shepherd is not dishonest with money, arrogant, or quick-tempered. He has a strong belief in the trustworthy message of the Word of God, and is able to encourage others with wholesome teaching, and lovingly show those who oppose it where they are wrong. (See Titus 1:1-9) But what happens when a church doesn’t have a leader who has the gift and calling of a pastor or shepherd, is that it will most likely be led by someone who has the gift of a teacher, who will focus all his attention on giving Bible studies and often overfeeding the people. Or, if the church is led by someone who has the gift of an evangelist, he will be stressing out the church with all sorts of evangelistic and mission activities. If a church is pastored by someone with the gift of a prophet, he will most of the time be busy with prophesying over the people over and over again. Even though we need all these gifts to equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ (See Ephesians 4:11-12), God has intended for the church to be led by someone who has the gift and calling of a pastor or shepherd, BECAUSE ONLY A TRUE SHEPHERD KNOWS HOW TO ATTEND AND TAKE CARE OF THE FLOCK!!!