How many times have I seen men on the “Maury Show” say they love their wives with all their hearts and that they would never ever cheat on them, only to find out that the lie detector test they took shows that they cheated on their wives with other women on multiple occasions? Men make the mistake in thinking that their wives would not know when they are cheating, but God has given women a specialbuilt-in ability to detect the lies and excuses of men.
I order to avoid being in a sexually tempting and compromising situation with another woman, men need to “stay away from every kind of evil” as the Bible says in 1. Thessalonians 5:22 NLT, and even the slightest appearance of it – meaning, never be alone with another woman! Men need to follow the example of Joseph, who, when he was being tempted and seduced by the wife of Potiphar to have sex with her, took of running. (See Genesis 39:6-12) For this exact reason, God says; “Run from sexual sin!” 1. Corinthians 6:18 NLT