In the book of Romans chapter 2, the apostle Paul addressed the hypocrisy of the religious Jews who loved to teach others what to do, but they themselves were not doing it. They were telling others not to steal, and yet they themselves were robbing and fleecing the people. They were saying it is wrong to commit adultery, and yet they themselves committed adultery without having any remorse, like nothing happened. They were so proud of knowing the law, but they were dishonoring God by breaking it. It is also mentioned in the same chapter that it is no wonder that the gentiles blaspheme the name of God. (See Romans 2:21-24)

Isn’t much of the same thing happening nowadays in the body of Christ, where prideful, “money hungry” prosperity preachers are going around fleecing the flock with their false teachings and prophecies? Aren’t we hearing more often than not about pastors and ministers who commit adultery and continue in the ministry like nothing happened? It is no wonder that the world is so skeptical about God because of the actions of these hypocritical Christians. But in these last days, there is a strong cry going out from the true warriors and followers of Jesus Christ, even though small in numbers, who are saying NO MORE!, and they are urging you to defend the faith that God has entrusted once for all time to His holy people! (See Jude 1:3)