One of the frequently asked questions when dealing with the Jezebel spirit has been whether men also can have the Jezebel spirit. To answer this burning question, we have to understand what Jesus was really saying to the Thyatira Church when He was rebuking them for allowing Jezebel to rule over them.

But I have this complaint against you. You are permitting that woman—that Jezebel who calls herself a prophet—to lead my servants astray. Revelations 2:20 NLT

Here is Jesus specifically emphasizing the word that; you are permitting that woman – that Jezebel, that is because Jesus was referring to the infamous wicked woman Queen Jezebel from the Old Testament days, who was known for undermining the authority of her husband King Ahab, by controlling and manipulating him and taking over his leadership. (See 1. Kings 21)

The reason we believe the Jezebel spirit only pertains to women is because of the fact that men have been given natural authority from God, it’s not something they would need to fight to get, they already have it! Women, on the other hand, have not been given that same authority, and they would need tools to try to take that position of leadership that the man has. This is where the Jezebel spirit comes in. A demon will come to a woman presenting different tools she can use to regain power over the man. These tools are, among many others: manipulation, control, domination and seduction. For a wounded or scorned woman, these tools come as a temptation she cannot resist, and she grabs them, and starts using them. This is the moment she opens the door to become possessed by the demonic spirit that promises to provide her with everything she needs to accomplish her goal. She may or may not even be aware of what a devastating spirit she has just welcomed into her life.

But there is one thing I want you to know: The head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. 1. Corinthians 11:3 NLT

At the other hand, when a man seems to be using some of the same tools as the Jezebel woman does, it is usually not a Jezebel spirit, but a power hungry spirit that comes from being an extremely wounded individual who has most likely been abused in one way or another, and need to control and manipulate his circumstances out of fear of being hurt again.

The spirit of Jezebel itself is just a demon. It doesn’t have a gender in the way humans do. It’s a spirit! So, by calling it a Jezebel spirit, it is not to say it’s a female spirit, so in that sense, those who believe men can also be possessed by the Jezebel spirit is not entirely wrong, it’s just a matter of understanding that men would not have the need to draw upon this particular spirit’s “gifts” since he doesn’t technically need them. He would be more prone to attract other types of demons.

Here is a checklist when dealing with women who possess the Spirit of Jezebel, taken from one of our teachings on the website called “Knowing Jezebel”:

A Jezebel Spirit in a woman…

– Believes to be right. Wants to win. Will argue till you drop.

– Has a blame/guilt mindset: Everything comes down to who is right and who is wrong.

– Is unwilling to compromise on priorities: Everything has to go the way they have planned it.

– Is strongly defensive when approached for criticism and correction, even guidance. Will retaliate by spreading rumors and lies and try to discredit and destroy the reputation of those who confront them for their wrongdoings.

– Rejects good-willed help or empathy because of pride: “Don’t feel sorry for me. I can take care of myself.”

– Self-rejects: “You hate me”, “I am not good enough for you”, “What do you want with a fat cow like me?”, “Why don’t you marry somebody else?”

– Feels unappreciated: Is constantly fishing for approval, confirmation, understanding, and more interest in them. “You never …. anymore!”

– Uses attention seeking crocodile tears: “You don’t love me”, “Just leave me alone.”

– Is unable to receive: Is too proud to receive love and things from God. Feels humiliated in receiving, but likes to give gifts to others to boost their own self-esteem, as if saying: “I can afford expensive gifts”, or “Look what I am able to do with the success I have worked so hard for.” Doesn’t believe when they are told that they are loved. Has “It’s never enough”-mentality.

– Has own agenda: Forces their own life-vision and personal dreams of achievement onto the marriage without regards to the spouse.

– Distorts communication: Twists and turns matters into the obscure, and refuses to “kiss and make up,” leaving issues in an ongoing dispute.

– Uses control in relationships and ex-relationships: Doesn’t give closure to ex. Leaves matters unsettled. Uses children against spouse or ex. Holds back ex’s personal items, refusing to give them back. Ignores, or uses the “silent treatment” to instill guilt. Claims to be perfect and without fault – nothing to regret or repent from.

– Holds on to old experiences and people from the past. Insists on bringing family members and family traditions into the marriage.

– Justifies everything: Always has an excuse for their activities. Doesn’t ask other peoples opinions. Doesn’t seek Godly wisdom or exercise self-control. Talks too much. Is inappropriate. Is always busy persuading people and spouse of their standpoint and their good intentions and how wonderful they are. Accuses others of doing what they themselves are doing. Gets easily offended and has a “How dare you speak to me” –attitude.

– Thrives in rebellion and disobedience: Always does “extra” – cannot do with the simple. Doesn’t take advice, but is headstrong on their own ideas. Doesn’t take correction, but continues justifying their cause. Doesn’t heed to the authority they are under, whether God Himself, spouse, pastor, parent, or other but always chooses to be defiant and rebellious against it. Doesn’t like to admit fault or failure because their entire identity is built on “never failing.” Resists every flow of peace and order.

– Doesn’t have peace. Causes problems instead of avoiding problems. Is confrontational. Is conflict-oriented. Is moody and unpredictable. Often has compulsive control disorders. Is negative and disapproving. Spreads confusion and misunderstandings. Cause division and isolation.