There is hardly any difference between the prosperity preacher and the financial scammer. They both are con artists, and are driven by greed and lust to become rich. The only difference is that the prosperity preacher mainly operates within the confines of the church, whereas the financial scammer operates mainly in the mainstream secular world. It is interesting, though, to see that sometimes they cross each other’s paths when, for instance, a financial scammer visits a church for a business investment venture.

They both like to boast that they are sent by God, or are in business to help people get a better life.

They both make up clever lies, always pitching some kind of elaborate investment plan that promises great returns. For instance, the prosperity preacher tells you that when you sow a $1000 seed into his ministry, you will receive a “triple favor” financial miracle within 90 days. So does the financial scammer, who promises unusual high returns on your virtually “risk free” investment, within three months.

They both use your money to live lavish lifestyles, buying big homes, Italian sports cars, yacht’s, and airplanes complete with all the newest technology available. They only stay in exclusive five star luxury hotels, and eat the finest meals.

They both dress in expensive suits and the latest designer clothing.

They both give to charities to make you believe that they are doing something meaningful with their money. But actually, it is just another ploy to boost their credibility in order to get more of your money and that of others flowing to them.

The prosperity preacher and financial scammer are in reality financial predators, who have both one thing in mind and that is to get hold of your money!

In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. 2. Peter 2:3 NLT