So much has already happened in this month of June 2011; New York just became the sixth and largest state to legalize same-sex marriage. This God insulting decision (See Romans 2) voted in by the state Senate prompted the eruption of a huge street party to celebrate this sinful act. Gay weddings are planned to begin soon. President Barack Obama is praising the New York law makers for legalizing gay marriage, as, as he says, democracies are supposed to do, and that marriage has traditionally been decided by the states. He also said that he believes that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country.

The Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner from New York finally resigned after the scandal over lewd photos the congressman sent of himself to various women.

Then there was the false doomsday preacher Harold Camping who got a stroke that affected his speech, which has become slurred as a result. Family radio has decided to stop airing Harold Camping’s Open Forum show.

Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of Atlanta’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, reportedly settled for $25 million to silence the four young men who filed sexual misconduct lawsuits against him, AFTER he vowed to his congregation he would vigorously fight the allegations in court! The young men – now in their early 20s – were all former members of Long’s church, and all claim the pastor used gifts, trips, and money to coerce them into engaging in sex acts with him.

In response to Long’s settlement, Bishop Paul Morton, senior pastor of Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church, openly spoke out against Eddie Long, who became a bishop under Paul Morton, after trying to reach Long by phone to no avail. He called for Eddie Long to apologize and repent saying: “If the settlement has already been made they can’t sue you again, but you can apologize,” he said. “Some people will stay with you, some people gonna leave you, but you’ve got to leave that up to God. Those are the consequences for the sins that we do.”

Also this month was the first time I heard of the term “Chrislam,” a new religion based on Islamic and Eastern Religious philosophies that also include Christian worship and teaching elements. This “combination religion” which initially was founded in Lagos, Nigeria with the purpose of creating religious tolerance between the Christians and the Muslims in that region, is also part of the One World Religious ecumenical movement. Several prominent evangelical mega-church pastors are promoting and giving their support to this unholy alliance between Christian and Islamic leaders. This diabolic philosophy denies the orthodox Biblical doctrines in order to make peace with Islam and join the two largest world religions together. The goal is to eventually merge all other religions into a One World Religion, and persecute the believers of Biblical Judeo/Christianity in these last days.