“And this is the sign from the Lord to prove that He will do as He promised” Isaiah 38:7 NLT

About a week ago, I was spending some time with a brother in one of the cities we are having our Bible school (Teaching Center) in Norway. After driving him to his house, he asked me if I would come in and have some tea with his family, but something inside me told me that it was time for me to go home. So I said goodbye to this brother and drove off. It was raining that day and as I was driving uphill on this winding road, I saw a big cloud of smoke coming from the left side of the road. I felt God telling me to stop and go take a look at what was going on. I ran to the scene and looked down over the railing and saw that a car went over the embankment down into a bunch of big trees. The car was completely destroyed.

I quickly made my way down, and found a young man in his early thirties lying unconsciously on the ground. I could see that he was in a bad shape with cuts in his face and his body was convulsing heavily. There were about four people around him and I asked them if they knew if there were other people in the car, to which they answered me, no. I proceeded to tell them that I was going to pray for this young man and I asked if they would join me, which they did. I laid my hand on this young man’s head and prayed out loud that he will not die and be lost, but receive Jesus Christ as His God and Savior. After the prayer I felt a tremendous peace, and I knew that this young man accepted Jesus Christ in his spirit, and that he would be with God forever.

I then decided to leave and as I was walking to my car, the ambulance arrived. The next day, we found out that two hours after the accident, this young man died in the hospital. We also found out that this young man stole the car he was driving in from the local airport parking lot, only five minutes before he crashed.

Just a day later, Sophia and I and a daughter of a friend of us were driving on the same road in the same rainy conditions when I spotted, in my mirror, an old man driving dangerously close to the back of our car. As I was looking at his face expression in my rearview mirror, it was like this man was determined and driven to want to push my car aside with his car. It was clear that this man would not be able to avoid hitting me if I would break to make a turn into our driveway. And that is exactly what happened; he bumped the back of our car and caused substantial damage. He got out of his car and greatly apologized to us for what he has done.

We then filled out the paperwork for the insurance and when we finished, I asked him if I could pray for him. He said that he does not believe in God, but still would love for me to pray for him, which I did. The prayer I prayed over this man was that He would be saved and get to know God the way God knows him. After the prayer, we gave each other a strong hug and then he asked me to do him a favor: to vote for the reelection of President Obama this year. I smiled and said goodbye to him.

During our stay here in Norway, we have received prophetic words from several ministers saying that God undoubtedly has given us the nation of Norway. It became clear to us that the two traffic incidences we went through last week were signs from God, who revealed to us that me praying for the dying young man was like me as a priest giving the last sacrament, and the people gathered around me represented the State Church of Norway, who joined me in prayer.

Then the old man, who bumped us in the back of our car and who, even though he did not believe in God, still wanted me to pray for him, represented the ungodly humanistic liberal people of Norway, who wants to push God’s people aside. They want everything that has to do with God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible out of their society. And yet, no matter how hard they try, they will receive God’s prayer, because God has promised that the nation of Norway will be the next haven of God’s revival move!