You have probably seen the billboards across the country saying that the end is near, or heard the monotone voice of an elder gentleman taking Bible questions from listeners and viewers on the radio and television? Harold Camping, an 89-year-old preacher from Oakland, California and founder of Family Radio, is making headlines predicting and claiming that the Bible says that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and day of judgment for Planet Earth will be on this Saturday, May 21st, 2011, at 6.00 PM, whereby two percent of the global population will be instantly taken into Heaven in The Rapture, and the remaining 98 percent will die within the next five months of judgment, culminating in the final end of the world on October 21st 2011..

Camping’s radio network creates religious programs in 48 languages and has tens of thousands of followers around the world, with radio stations in such places as Russia, Turkey and South Africa. With assets exceeding $100 million, his religious broadcasting network now owns 66 radio stations in the USA alone.

Harold Camping, a retired Civil Engineer, bases his prediction on 70 years of studying the Bible and mathematics. He believes that, based on the Bible, Jesus Christ died on April 1st, in 33 AD. He then discovered that if you multiply three holy numbers of 5, 10 and 17 together twice you come up with the figure of 722, 500.

“When I found this out, it blew my mind,” Camping claims. It turns out that May 21, 2011, is exactly 722, 500 days from April 1, 33 AD. Therefore, Camping is certain it will be the Day of Judgment.

This isn’t the first time Camping has made the same prediction. Years ago, he predicted the Second Coming would take place on September 6, 1994. “At that time there was a lot of Bible I had not researched really carefully,” was his explanation recently. But he now insists, after further Bible study, that “God has given us outstanding proofs that it really is going to happen.”

The only problem with Harold Camping’s prediction is that it still and absolutely contradicts what the Bible says about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in Mark 13:32-37:

“However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows. And since you don’t know when that time will come, be on guard! Stay alert!

The coming of the Son of Man can be illustrated by the story of a man going on a long trip. When he left home, he gave each of his slaves instructions about the work they were to do, and he told the gatekeeper to watch for his return. You, too, must keep watch! For you don’t know when the master of the household will return—in the evening, at midnight, before dawn, or at daybreak. Don’t let him find you sleeping when he arrives without warning. I say to you what I say to everyone: Watch for him!” Mark 13:32-37 NLT

And in Matthew 24:42 it conclusively says the following:

“So you, too, must keep watch! For you don’t know what day your Lord is coming.” Matthew 24:42 NLT

I believe that Harold Camping falls in this category of deceivers:

“So if someone tells you, ‘Look, the Messiah is out in the desert,’ don’t bother to go and look. Or, ‘Look, he is hiding here,’ don’t believe it!” Matthew 24:26 NLT